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If you're reading this, then you're probably:

  • A lover of bright and bold design

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  • Or, just an all round cool human being

Boring? We don't know them. 

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We LOVE Canva, but then you see another, and another, and another version of your amazing logo.


Maybe it's time to upgrade. 


Tell the world that you are HERE, and you are ready to conquer life through a strong brand.

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With a custom illustration, we bring your memories to life.


If you have an upcoming special event or need a last minute birthday present because you forgot (oops), then this is the sign you've been looking for.

"Working with Wild Thang Creative was such a breeze! I was in awe of how well she captured my vision. She nailed it, right down to the finer details. The podcast captures me and who I am and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without her incredible effort, time and talent"

- Scarlett, host of 'Sorry I Asked' podcast

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