Hey friends,

I'm Cindy. That's me to your right!

wild thang creative was born during the pandemic - in amidst redundancies and a little too much alone time.


What started as a little side project has now become the blossoming teenager you see in front of you. 

I've bounced from industry to industry - from events, to marketing - but the one consistent factor has always been my love for design and visuals.


Some days I pick up a paint brush, some days my iPad. I've created polymer earrings, sewed my own clothes, and written notebooks upon notebooks of teenage angst written poems. 


Creativity flows through me as naturally as blood does. 

Half-hearted is not in my vocabulary, nor is fake.


If you're looking for a genuine creator, who will not only create incredible collateral and branding for your business, but will also be your biggest supporter then you've found her!

By this point you're probably asking yourself, does this girl have any flaws?

Unfortunately, I'm only human. I use one too many exclamation marks!!


And I'm in love with Harry Styles.

If you can handle my flaws, then come join me at my best - creating magic for you!

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